Pablo Picasso
by Christian Zervos: Catalogue of works,
1895–1972 (33 volumes),
New, Revised Edition


Pablo Picasso by Christian Zervos: Catalogue of Works, 1895–1972 (33 volumes), New, Revised Edition

'Pablo Picasso par Christian Zervos,' known by many simply as ‘the Zervos,’ remains the most trusted reference to the works of Picasso.

'The Zervos' is an extensive catalogue of Picasso’s paintings and drawings, presenting over 16,000 images in thirty-three volumes. Prepared by Cahiers d’art founder Christian Zervos in direct collaboration with Picasso, the Zervos was published between 1932 and 1978.

Long out of print, and highly sought-after by collectors, the Zervos is now available again. This new, revised edition, published by Cahiers d’Art, includes corrections to the original catalogue prepared together with the Picasso Administration. The new edition is available in French, and in English translation for the first time in its history. Printed in Italy to exacting specifications, this new edition will be available to ship on or about 15 March 2014.

Price per set: $20,000
33 volumes
Over 16,000 black-and-white images
Original flexible binding, with glacine wrapping
Printed in Italy
Each volume is 32.8 cm / 12.9 inches tall
Entire set measures 105 cm / 41 inches wide
Estimated to ship on 15 March 2014